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Increase Booth Traffic
Our Shoe Shine Valets will draw existing and potential customers to your booth and assist in generating leads that will build your client base. Leave a Shining impression on your visitors by offering them a free shoe shine for visiting your booth.

Men/Ladies  Shoe Stores
Watch the shine on your customers face when you offer them free onsite shoe shine and leather care services with a minimum purchase.  Shoes should be treated and shined immediately after they have been purchased.  The Shoe Shine Valet provides a special leather care service for newly purchased shoes.

Hotels and Business Offices

A  Shoe Shine Valet(s) can be conveniently located in high-traffic office buildings and hotels. 
An amenity to any hotel or office complex with no expense or upkeep for the management. Busy executives can relax while having their shoes professionally shined. Drop-off services are also available.

Beautiful shoes and the business world!

Since the invent of the modern day business and corporate world a well maintained dress shoe has been a vital part of the ensemble. Businessmen, lawyers, and all varieties of professional express a great deal about themselves through the humble shoe, and a surprisingly huge weight of history surrounds the back story.

Shoe Shine Stands
Our Shoe Shine Stands are hand crafted and made of quality wood products.  It is 2 tiered with the bottom level for the storage of supplies and the top level for customer seating.  There are 2 storage areas.  One is located on the left side and the other inside the first step.

Dimensions:  30"w x 40"L x 20"H 

Foot Rests
Aluminum Shoe Shine Stand Foot Rests

Professional Shoe Shine Kit