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        Zhejiang Rui source Electric Co. Ltd. is a collection development, production, marketing as one of the EPSenterprises specializing in the production of power regulator. Since its inception, adhere to the science and technology, strong technical backing, actively introduce advanced technologies from abroad, continuous product improvement, professional management for many years, the best-selling products, while exports of Bangladesh, Burma, India, Russia, Indonesia, Thailand and other countries in Southeast Asia and Africa regions, favored by the majority of users. Praise.
        Company to "truth-seeking, innovation, development" as business philosophy, combined with the rapid development of modern science and technology and the economy today, the application of information technology and microelectronics technology and a lot of electrical equipment is more and more high demands on the quality of power supply, and the construction and development of AC power grid of China is extremely uneven, power supply quality is worse, research and development of a new series of power products, to meet the various special on the regulator with a variety of electrical equipment, the use of space requirements. Company’s products are widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, textile machinery, printing and packaging, petroleum chemical industry, schools, shopping malls, elevator, post and telecommunications, medical machinery and so on all occasions needing normal voltage to ensure!
        Zhejiang Rui source Electric Co. Ltd. commitment "in good faith-based, long-term service" time for you to exclude the difficulty and anxiety. Zhejiang Rui source Electric Co. Ltd sincerely look forward to your joining, sharing a win-win happy.

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